Back from the dead – bad bills the Missouri Legislature just won’t let go

Each year when the Missouri legislative session comes to a close, all filed bills not passed by the General Assembly, in effect, die. Bills must be refiled and reintroduced each year with the entire process starting from the beginning. 

Unfortunately, when it comes to legislation that would shield reckless and dangerous corporate conduct from accountability, this year looks a lot like last year. 

After not passing a bill during a special session that would prevent families from holding corporations accountable during the COVID pandemic and beyond, the Missouri legislature has resurrected it with SB 51 & 42. 

The legislature is also once again attempting to change our state’s punitive damages law to make it virtually impossible to hold companies accountable or incentivize them to prioritize safety. 

Tragically, we also have HB474 and SB7 this year. These are repeat bills that would make changes to the statute of repose law eliminating any accountability for defective and unsafe products that are over 15 years old. Changes like this to our statute of repose law leave no incentive for companies to keep customers safe, and would encourage reckless conduct – like the greed and malfeasance that led to the deadly Duck Boat tragedy three years ago. 

These bills are just the tip of the iceberg. The Missouri legislature has shown that they are committed to protecting corporations at the expense of our families. 

We must continue to make our voices heard and demand our legislators protect Missouri families. Take action now >>