Missouri Senate Moves to Protect Special Interests – and Even Government Bureaucrats – at the Expense of Our Families

The Missouri Senate is rapidly pushing through legislation that would make it virtually impossible for families to hold companies accountable – giving the green light to dangerous and reckless behavior and eliminating any incentive to prioritize safety. 

SB591 was already bad, but now, some senators are trying to make it even worse. The bill, which initially made changes to the state’s punitive damages law, has now been amended to protect more than just big companies. SB591 now protects just about every deep-pocketed special interest you can think of  – large corporations, government bureaucrats, and insurance companies. The only group not protected are Missouri families. 

SB591 would shield dishonest corporations that defraud Missouri citizens, protect insurance companies at the expense of small businesses, and even give complete immunity to state government agencies who commit wrongdoing. 

That’s right, some of the very same politicians who rail against “big government” on the campaign trail are now trying to give government bureaucrats a free pass to harm and injure their constituents. 

Unfortunately, this “Frankenbill” is not a new tactic from the Missouri Legislature. All too often, bills are combined or amended and a “simple” 9-page bill ends up being 30 pages long and including everything except the kitchen sink. Amendments are rushed through in the dead of night – with little discussion or input. When this happens, it’s even more important to make our voices heard.

Don’t let the MO Senate fast track a bill that puts Missouri families at risk. Contact your senator today and tell them to protect your family – not large corporations – and to vote NO on SB591.